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CAMPE Delegation meets Ms. Alice Albright, CEO of GPE

A ten-member civil society delegation from CAMPE met Ms. Alice Albright, the CEO of Global Partnership for Education (GPE) on 10 September 2019 at a hotel in Dhaka. Ms. Albright has been visiting Bangladesh from 7th to 12th September 2019 and met decision makers, senior government officials, CSOs and other stakeholders working for advancing SDG4/Education 2030 Agenda in Bangladesh. She visited the Rohingyas in Coxsbazar, one of the biggest refugee camps in the world and had a discussion with local officials involved in camp management. She also visited the host community and exchanged views with them on pertinent issues regarding education and other services being provided by the government and NGOs to both the host community and the refugees.

CAMPE delegation comprising representatives from national and local NGOs, ethnic minority, disabled groups and the teaching profession welcome Ms. Albright and appreciated her interest to exchange views with civil society. She emphasized the role of CSOs in promoting Education 2030 agenda and GPEs policies. She wanted to know about the challenges and opportunities for working with the Rohingya population and asked for their opinion on how could GPE help Bangladesh.

A wide range of issues including the need for effective CSO participation in planning and monitoring of national and international policies and frameworks for achieving SDG4, urgency of skilling the youth and focusing on deprived groups like the disabled and ethnic minorities came up during the one and half hour discussion. CAMPE delegation urged the international community not to forget the needs and challenges of the mainstream population while focusing on refugees. They thanked Ms. Albright for her time and commitment to help Bangladesh and other developing countries in achieving SDG4 for ensuring “inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all”.

Ms. Albright mentioned the crucial role that CAMPE could play as an alternate member of the Grants & Ethics Committee (GEC) in the GPE Board. She also expressed the hope that Government of Bangladesh would be a key player in promoting the Education 2030 agenda as an active member in the GPE Board.

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