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Project title:PROTYASHA
Duration of project:57 MONTHS
Location of the project:ALL OVER BANGLADESH
Start and end date of project:APRIL 2013 – DECEMBER 2017

CAMPE has been implementing the PROTYASHA project with support from DFID under its Voice and Accountability grant since 2013. The project Promoting Accountability through Citizen’s Voice in Primary Education - Protyasha was over on September 30, 2015 and currently the project is operating on a No Cost extension, agreed upon by DFID, for the months Oct-Dec 2015. However, a new and revised contract is due to be signed for the period of January 2016 to December 2017. This project will also be aligned with PEDP 3 and similar to the original Protyasha project but with few amendments and additions.    

The assumption is that CAMPE, as the national coalition of education NGOs and researchers, academics, human rights activists, women’s groups, teacher associations, youth groups, media and other relevant stakeholders will continue its activities in line with the original objectives of the Protyasha Project. Clear rationale has been provided as and where necessary for changes/continuation of activities to be implemented during the proposed project period.  

Keeping the goal and objectives same, the project is designed to carry further those initiatives that have been kick started and need to continue for further strengthening of PEDP3 and also carry out CAMPE’s watchdog role.