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Operational Structure of CAMPE

CAMPE operates its activities through four major functional program units, namely:
    Policy Advocacy and Mass Communication (PAMC) Unit
    Education For All Partnership and Institutional Development (EFAPID) Unit
    Research, Monitoring, Evaluation and Documentation (RMED) Unit and
    Management Unit

Policy Advocacy and Mass Communication (PAMC)
One of the most important functions of CAMPE is to act as a forum where stakeholders working in the education sector can share ideas and experiences, debate issues and disseminate information on issues of interest. Under the operational framework of media campaigns and advocacy, CAMPE is involved in leading a literacy movement at a national level. The activities of policy advocacy include organizing campaigns, conferences, seminars, debates, roundtable dialogues, meetings and discussions on policy issues regarding literacy, education and other rights based issues. As part of mass communication, CAMPE works closely with media, cultural groups and other civil society organizations and individuals and participates in and organizes in various events like book fairs, rallies and concerts

Education For All (EFA) Partnership and Institutional Development (EFAPID)
The EFAPID unit focuses on capacity building of its partner/member NGOs through facilitation of training programs and institutional development support in the areas of literacy program management, monitoring and evaluation.The activities of EFAPID unit also help to supplement the curriculum on basic and continuing education.The unit also publishes relevant and need based learning materials.It takes initiative to popularize new concepts on education by organizing action research, meetings, seminars and workshops.The Education and Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) incorporating environment education and Junior Secondary Education (JSE) for learners who are drop outs formal or non formal education are also implemented by  EFAPID initiatives.

Research, Monitoring, Evaluation and Documentation (RMED)
The RMED unit collects and generates information from stakeholders and provides evidence to support policy advocacy initiatives of CAMPE. The unit explores new areas of research while placing special emphasis on attainment of literacy skills, functions and performance of literacy centers, and motivating of literacy personnel to come forward with innovative ideas.. It also coordinates policy research in collaboration with other organizations at the national and international levels. One of the most lauded achievements of this unit is the Education Watch Reports  which have been internationally accredited and also used as a ready reference by governments, donors and researchers.
CAMPE has its own Documentation and Information Center, A N M Eusuf Library, which has a wealth of materials of academic and intellectual interest and is accessible to all. CAMPE initiates nation-wide surveys from time to time to obtain updated information of NGOs working in the Primary and basic education sub-sector. It maintains a database to meet the emerging needs of stakeholders in terms of statistical data and quantitative information and publishes these through Directory of NGOs with Education Program. The RMED unit also engages in capacity development of Teachers Union and motivates them to work for quality education. It is the responsible unit for process and result monitoring of state performance and basic education sub sector

The website of CAMPE provides updated information of its program activities and research findings in brief for wider audience. It is the responsible unit for process and result monitoring of state performance and basic education sub sector.


The management unit of CAMPE is responsible for operational management and is supported by a number of committees such as , Tender and Procurement Committee, Counseling Committee, Gender Action Committee. CAMPE runs a Training Center with residential facilities for providing training in a learning environment. The major focus of this unit is to ensure transparency, accountability and good accounting practices in the organization. The unit also oversees HR and Administration.